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Acoustical Ceilings, Acoustical Wall Panels, Design, Drywall, Engineering, Gypsum Board, Raised Access Flooring

FedEx Air Operations Training Center

Phase I consisted of the 2 story 344,000 sq ft educational and training facility that houses 12 flight simulators. Phase II consisted of the expansion of Phase I by adding a two story entertainment facility including museum and auditorium as well as a conference center. A&S’s scope of work included drywall, acoustical ceilings, acoustical wall panels, raised access computer flooring and related carpeting, FRP wall paneling and miscellaneous carpentry.  Phase I consisted of $3.46 million in contract value for A&S while phase II consisted of an additional $1.13 for a combined project of approximately $4.6 million.  This project was completed for longstanding customer Flintco Constructive Solutions and is a LEED project.


Acoustical ceilings included 153,217 sq ft ranging from standard 2×2 to 4×4 with concealed grid to snap in metal to custom wood; raised access computer floors of 34,346 sq ft including snap in modular carpet, custom fabricated safety railing for raised flooring assemblies, one custom radius wood ceiling (see Armstrong World Industries current product catalog, page 141), one custom designed and fabricated speaker enclosure assembly including convex and concave shapes made of drywall ceiling grid, custom install of sound absorbing window mullion caps, 934,302 sq feet of wallboard hung (that’s over 21 acres or 16 football fields including endzones!), 30,817 lineal feet (or nearly 6 miles) of light gauge metal walls framed, 14,013 sq ft of 2″ thick fiberglass sound panels pinned to the underside of the 38′ high roof deck, and 1,323 fabric wrapped acoustical wall panels. This project took 55,800 man days or the equivalent of one man working 40hrs per week for over 26 years!